*** If you are unsure of the identification of a snake you have observed, you can ask an expert by uploading a photo to the Snakes of Namibia facebook page. ***

*** The facebook page also has contact details for Snake Catchers - people who are experienced in catching and removing snakes - throughout the country. ***

*** In the case of a snake bite, email "snakebite" to snakebitedoc@gmail.com. Namibia's snakebite expert - Dr Buys - will respond immediately. ***

Latest snake records

These are the latest records added, for snakes.

Species Date Recorder
Bitis arietans arietans | Puff Adder
01/12/2018Van ZYL, AC
Pythonodipsas carinata | Western Keeled Snake
03/06/2018Walters, Matthew
Pseudaspis cana | Mole Snake
28/07/2018Walters, Matthew
Dendroaspis polylepis | Black Mamba
30/08/2018Schwippert, Beate
Bitis arietans arietans | Puff Adder
01/12/2018Schwippert, Beate
Bitis arietans arietans | Puff Adder
02/05/2018Schwippert, Beate
Psammophis mossambicus | Olive Grass Snake
21/04/2018Schwippert, Beate
Philothamnus semivariegatus | Spotted or Variegated Bush Snake
09/04/2018Schwippert, Beate
Dispholidus typus viridis | Common Boomslang
13/01/2018Schwippert, Beate
Naja mossambica | Mozambique Spitting Cobra
14/06/2018Schwippert, Beate

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