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If you are unsure of the identification of a snake you have observed, you can ask an expert for snake identification by uploading a photo to the Snakes of Namibia facebook page.

You can also get help from their amazing album of infographics of the common snake species in Namibia.

The facebook page also has contact details for snake catchers - people who are experienced in catching and removing snakes - throughout the country.

In the case of a snake bite, email "snakebite" to Namibia's snakebite expert - Dr Buys - will respond immediately.


Namibian Wolf Snake

Lycophidion namibianum

The Namibian Wolf Snake ranges from brown to red with light speckles while the flanks of the belly are white with brown markings down the center.

These snakes are widely distributed but rarely seen ranging from north western Namibia down to Mariental in the south.

They emerge at night to hunt resting lizards; their long recurved teeth enabling them to hang onto their slippery prey.

They are harmless and rarely seen.

Namibian Wolf Snake
Namibian Wolf Snake © Photo: Francois Theart

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