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These are the latest records added, for all species. Click on any row in the table to highlight the record on the map. Use the question mark icon to click on the map and highlight the associated row in the table. Use the + icon on the map to switch between a satellite image and street map. For security reasons, black rhino, white rhino and pangolin are not shown. If you have a legitimate need for records of these species, contact us.

Species Date Recorder
Genetta genetta | Genet, Small-spotted
21/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Lepus capensis | Hare, Cape
22/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Cynictis penicillata | Mongoose, Yellow
14/06/2019Walters, Matthew
Procavia capensis | Dassie, Rock
09/06/2019Walters, Matthew
Mellivora capensis | Badger, Honey
15/06/2019Periquet, Stephanie
Agama aculeata aculeata | Common Ground Agama
20/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Pedioplanis gaerdesi | Kaoko Sand Lizard
25/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Trachylepis wahlbergii | Wahlberg's Skink
24/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Colotis vesta | Orange, Veined
17/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Colotis celimene | Lilac-tip
24/05/2019Walters, Matthew
Anastomus lamelligerus | African Openbill
26/03/1989Ward, David
Thalassornis leuconotus | White-backed Duck
26/03/1989Ward, David
Chlidonias hybridus | Whiskered Tern
26/03/1989Ward, David
Fulica cristata | Red-knobbed Coot
26/03/1989Ward, David
Himantopus himantopus | Black-winged Stilt
26/03/1989Ward, David
Plegadis falcinellus | Glossy Ibis
26/03/1989Ward, David
Podiceps nigricollis | Black-necked Grebe
26/03/1989Ward, David
Falco tinnunculus | Rock Kestrel
15/11/1989Ward, David
Eremomela icteropygialis | Yellow-bellied Eremomela
07/01/1989Ward, David
Vanellus armatus | Blacksmith Lapwing
09/02/1989Ward, David

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