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These are the latest records added, for all species. Click on any row in the table to highlight the record on the map. Use the question mark icon to click on the map and highlight the associated row in the table. For security reasons, black rhino, white rhino and pangolin are not shown. If you have a legitimate need for records of these species, contact us.

Species Date Recorder
Oryx gazella | Oryx
14/07/2024Walters, Matthew
Raphicerus campestris | Steenbok
14/07/2024Walters, Matthew
Aethomys chrysophilus | Rat, Red veld
13/07/2024Walters, Matthew
Phrynomantis annectens | Rubber Frog, Marbled
03/02/2021Cunningham, Peter
Acinonyx jubatus | Cheetah
13/04/2010Cunningham, Peter
Aonyx capensis | Otter, African Clawless
05/09/2010Cunningham, Peter
Chersobius solus | Namib Padloper
16/02/2011Cunningham, Peter
Boaedon capensis | Brown House Snake
16/02/2011Cunningham, Peter
Sclerophrys poweri | Toad, Western Olive
07/11/2016Cunningham, Peter
Tomopterna tandyi | Sand Frog, Tandy's
08/11/2016Cunningham, Peter
Breviceps adspersus | Rain Frog, Bushveld
27/03/2011Cunningham, Peter
Kassina senegalensis | Kassina, Bubbling
05/02/2011Cunningham, Peter
Cacosternum boettgeri | Caco, Boettger's
30/04/2011Cunningham, Peter
Panthera pardus | Leopard
01/12/2018Cunningham, Peter
Chamaeleo dilepis | Common Flap-neck Chameleon
29/01/2022Cunningham, Peter
Lygodactylus chobiensis | Chobe Dwarf Gecko
17/03/2016Cunningham, Peter
Lygodactylus capensis capensis | Common Dwarf Gecko
17/03/2016Cunningham, Peter
Trachylepis variegata | Variegated Skink
18/10/2023Cunningham, Peter
Trachylepis acutilabris | Wedge-snouted Skink
24/01/2024Cunningham, Peter
Pseudaspis cana | Mole Snake
18/05/2023Cunningham, Peter

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