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Species Grid Ref Date Recorder
Prosopis spp
2242_175210/12/2018Walters, Matthew
Caesalpinia gilliesii | Bird of paradise
2234_170405/12/2018Ward, David
Leucaena leucocephala | Leucaena
19.592S, 20.503E30/07/2018Walters, Matthew
Opuntia stricta | Common pest pear
19.595S, 20.509E30/07/2018Walters, Matthew
Cylindropuntia imbricata | Devil's rope cactus
19.592S, 20.503E28/07/2018Walters, Matthew
Caesalpinia gilliesii | Bird of paradise
2234_170602/12/2018Walters, Matthew
Nicotiana glauca | Wild tobacco
2032_142713/11/2018Ward, David
Argemone ochroleuca
2216_200007/10/2018Ward, David
Prosopis spp
22.649S, 14.617E13/09/2018Hauptfleisch, Morgan
Prosopis spp
22.001S, 15.583E10/09/2018Hauptfleisch, Morgan

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