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Psidium guajava

Common name: Guava (English); Koejawel (Afrikaans)

Origin: Tropical America


Evergreen shrub or small tree up to 6 m high, occasionally higher. Bark smooth, copper-coloured, sometimes peeling off to reveal greenish underbark;  young branches four-angled and hairy. Leaves stiff, thick, hairy below, with pointed tip and conspicuous, parallel veins that are sunken above and prominent below.  Flowers carried in groups of 1-3, white, with numerous stamens that give the flowers a fluffy appearance.  Fruit ovoid, up to 10cm long, with persistent calyx remains at the tip, many-seeded, greenish becoming yellow, with white to yellow or pink flesh when ripe.


Planted for the edible fruit, but very invasive along permanent water courses. 

Psidium guajava
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