Summary details for Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolium

Sand olive

Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia

Common name: Sand olive, Sticky hopbush (English)

Origin: Australia, India, tropical and subtropical Africa. Native to South Africa.


Shrub or small tree, usually multistemmed, generally up to 3m high, sometimes higher. Leaves alternate, with very short or no leaf stalk and tapering base, lanceolate to narrowly elliptic or obovate, sticky and resinous, shiny, somewhat rough to the touch; margin wavy or toothed.  Flowers carried near tips of branches, small, greenish yellow to orange-red. Fruit a capsule with 2 to 4 membranous, papery wings, light green becoming light brown when mature.


High invasive potential because the seeds are easily dispersed by wind and this is a reasonably drought-tolerant species that is often planted as a hedge. Recorded from scattered localities in Namibia. 

Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia
Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia © Photo: Coleen Mannheimer

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