Latest mammal records

These are the latest records added, for mammals.

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Species Date Recorder
Acinonyx jubatus | Cheetah
13/04/2010Cunningham, Peter
Aonyx capensis | Otter, African Clawless
05/09/2010Cunningham, Peter
Panthera pardus | Leopard
01/12/2018Cunningham, Peter
Hyaena brunnea | Hyaena, Brown
28/12/2020Cunningham, Peter
Arctocephalus pusillus | Seal, Cape fur
01/06/2016Cunningham, Peter
Panthera leo | Lion
26/12/2010Cunningham, Peter
Crocuta crocuta | Hyaena, Spotted
26/12/2010Cunningham, Peter
Suricata suricatta | Suricate (Meerkat)
21/08/2023Cunningham, Peter
Mungos mungo | Mongoose, Banded
22/05/2023Cunningham, Peter
Lycaon pictus | Wild Dog
18/05/2023Cunningham, Peter

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