Latest mammal records

These are the latest records added, for mammals, including bats and marine (but excluding carnivores).

» You can also see records of all land mammals (excluding bats), carnivores only, marine mammals (dolphins and whales) and bat records.

Species Date Recorder
Arctocephalus pusillus | Seal, Cape fur
11/08/2019Tony Robertson, Alice Jarvis
Procavia capensis | Dassie, Rock
13/05/2020Walters, Matthew
Cynictis penicillata | Mongoose, Yellow
06/05/2020Walters, Matthew
Canis mesomelas | Jackal, Black-backed
02/05/2020Ward, David
Papio ursinus | Baboon, Chacma
02/05/2020Ward, David
Hystrix africaeaustralis | Porcupine, Southern African
02/05/2020Ward, David
Oryx gazella | Oryx
02/05/2020Ward, David
Tragelaphus strepsiceros | Kudu, Greater
02/05/2020Ward, David
Oreotragus oreotragus | Klipspringer
02/05/2020Ward, David
Phacochoerus africanus | Warthog, Southern
02/05/2020Ward, David

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