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In the case of a snake bite, email "snakebite" to Namibia's snakebite expert - Dr Buys - will respond immediately.


Olive Grass Snake

Psammophis mossambicus

This is our largest grass or sand snake and can exceed 1.8 m in length. It is active during the day and is incredibly quick - without doubt one of our fastest snakes. Like most of the snakes in the genus Psammophis it feeds on other snakes but also takes lizards, small mammals, birds and frogs.
These snakes are back-fanged with the fangs far back in the mouth. They also have enlarged teeth in the front of the mouth that are useful when catching prey.
Mildly-venomous but venom has no effect on man.

Olive Grass Snake
Olive Grass Snake © Photo: Nadja Le Roux

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