You can upload files in any format. Common file formats on the EIS include doc, pdf, zip, xls.

WEBSITES: To submit websites, please insert the website's address into a document and upload that document.

SHAPEFILES: To submit shapefiles, please zip the component files into one zip file.

METADATA: For data (spreadsheets, shapefiles, databases etc), please supply sufficient metadata to allow other users to correctly use and acknowledge the data. This should ideally be zipped with the data.

Conservation Areas:
Core GIS layers

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Upload resources to the EIS

Papers, reports, documents, maps etc

If you would like to share information, use the box below to upload it from your computer. Note that uploaded information will be manually checked before being made publicly available on the EIS.

» You can also click here to contribute the Photo Library.

» You can also click here to upload biodiversity records - snakes, mammals, amphibians, alien plants.

1. Find the file you want to upload *

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Note that the maximum file size which can be uploaded is about 15 MB.

If your file has the same name as a file in the upload folder, you will need to rename it before you upload it. You can view the contents of the upload folder here.

2. Enter your email address and/or name and contact details *

Please enter your email address and/or other contact details.
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This will only be used if we need to contact you because there is a problem with the file(s) you submit, or additional information or clarification is needed. Your email address will not be passed on to anyone else.

3. Click on 'Upload this file' to upload the file.

NOTE: If it is not obvious what the file is, please either upload another file which gives the necessary explanation or send us an email.