The photo library is a repository of photos for public use. These can be used for purposes related to:
    » land use
    » land use change
    » human settlement
    » vegetation
    » climate
    » etc

How to submit photos

Upload photos in jpg format only.

For each photo you need to provide basic metadata: date, time, location (latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees, title, description, origin/photographer). Where possible, this information is extracted from the EXIF data stored by the camera or device which took the photo. So if your camera/phone has a GPS and the position was stored with the photo, this will be extracted automatically, as will the date and time.

Use this form to submit small numbers of photos one-by-one. For larger quantities, photos in other formats, or any other queries, please contact us.

Upload photos to the EIS photo library

Photos relating to landscapes, land use, land use change, human settlement, vegetation, climate and similar

You can upload indiviudal photos here. However if you have multiple photos to upload, it may be better to put them in a dropbox or similar and complete a spreadsheet with their details (we can provide a template for this). All uploaded photos will be manually checked before being made publicly available on the EIS. By uploading photos you agree to them being made publicly available.

» You can also click here to upload resources to the EIS here - reports, documents, articles etc.

» You can also click here to upload biodiversity records - snakes, mammals, amphibians, alien plants.

1. Find the photo you want to upload *

Upload files in jpg format only. Note that the maximum file size which can be uploaded is about 15 MB.

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2. Enter your email address and/or name and contact details *

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This will only be used if we need to contact you because there is a problem with the file(s) you submit, or additional information or clarification is needed. Your email address will not be passed on to anyone else.

3. Click on 'Upload this photo' to upload the photo.

Terms & Conditions:
By uploading a photo you agree to it being made publicly available on the EIS Photo Library. Photos in the Photo Library can be freely downloaded by any user. While the EIS encourages users to acknowledge the photographer and source, we are unable to enforce this and cannot guarantee that the photographer will be acknowledged.

I accept the Terms & Conditions.