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2016 onwards

Development of the Environmental Information Service from August 2016 is supported through funding from the newly-established Namibian Chamber of Environment. The Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) is an umbrella Association that provides a forum and mouthpiece for the broader environment sector, that can lobby with government and other parties, that can raise funds for its members and that can represent the sector.

The Chamber aims to become a resource center, sponsored by industry, but at the same time keeping industry at arm’s length and ensuring complete independence. Many environmental specialists work in remote areas, often alone or in small groups with little in the way of support structures. The Chamber aims to provide support to such individuals and organisations.

It is a body representing the interests of environmental practitioners and organisations that support the environmental interests of Namibia as set out in the national Constitution. It helps facilitate the sector to be more informed, effective and networked.

It raises and disburses funds for priority environmental and conservation outcomes. It will support the development and entry of young Namibians to the sector.

It is not competing with its members in areas of implementation and it is not competing with its members in the raising of funds – it targets those areas of the corporate sector which have not traditionally been large contributors to the environmental sector.

» Read about the Namibian Chamber of Environment.

Hosting and technical support to the EIS is sponsored and powered by Paratus Telecom.

2008 - 2016

The development of this EIS was an initiative of the NamPower - Namibia Nature Foundation Strategic Partnership which was launched in October 2008. This strategic partnership is funded through the European Investment Bank. Hosting and technical support to the EIS was sponsored and powered by Paratus Telecom.

The NamPower-Namibia Nature Foundation Strategic Partnership

Why an industry-conservation partnership?

Conservation: Electricity provision has an impact on birds (and other wildlife) through collisions and electrocutions (could be prevented with appropriate planning and mitigation).

Industry: Inconvenient outages (blackouts) caused by wildlife electrocutions, resulting in high maintenance and repair costs (is also preventable).

How did the partnership come about?

A key output of the Raptors Namibia action plan is to manage raptor populations and habitats by addressing threats outlined in the Red Data Book, including electrocution and collisions with overhead lines.

In view of the rapidly increasing power line network coverage across Namibia, Raptors Namibia approached NamPower due to a concern over the:

  • potential threat and the unknown extent of mortality to large raptors on power lines
  • smaller power lines not being mapped.

At the same time, NamPower was concerned about the inconvenient outages (blackouts) and high maintenance and repair costs caused by bird (wildlife) electrocutions.

What is the partnership's mission?

To provide a multi-disciplinary mechanism to assist NamPower to manage its impacts on the natural environment and vice versa, and to develop a biodiversity information resource that will assist Namibian environmental and industry role players to manage impacts on Namibia's biodiversity. (Birds will initially form the focus of the project, with the aim to expand it in due course to other natural resources).

What are the objectives?

  • Develop a dynamic web-based Environmental Information Service (EIS); a 'one-stop-shop' for public environmental information in Namibia (including the mapping of all power lines in Namibia).
  • Promote awareness of the risks that power lines pose to birds, and birds to power lines.
  • Train electricity staff in the management of bird interactions with power line networks.
  • Monitor and investigate power line/bird mortality incidents.
  • Incorporate bird mitigation into the planning of future electricity networks.

What are the expected outputs?

  • Public access to a dynamic web-based Environmental Information Service (EIS) in Namibia.
  • A variety of stakeholders will become involved in monitoring, awareness and training.
  • The conservation of Namibia's biodiversity, in particular its birdlife, will be actively promoted, thereby also benefiting tourism and the economy.
  • Costs from blackouts caused by wildlife related faulting will be reduced.
  • The incorporation of biodiversity mitigation into the planning of future power line networks will reduce impacts and maintenance costs in the long term.

How you can become involved

  • Register with the project as a stakeholder. We need your help to build our database of relevant information which will become the basis of our dynamic to a dynamic web-based Environmental Information Service (EIS) for Namibia.
  • For now, we specifically need information on bird/ wildlife interactions (e.g. mortality, nesting, roosting, etc.) on power lines in your area.

For more information, visit the project's web page or contact Mike and Ann Scott or subscribe to the project newsletter (below).

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