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Directorate of Water Affairs. 1985. Literature survey: Water quality changes during the distance transfer of water in pipelines and canals with special reference to the eastern national water carriers, department of water affairs, South West Africa/ Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia, 1-61 pp
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1985DRFN DLIBReport5.88 mb pdf
DWA. 1991. Perspective on Water Affairs. Department of Water Affairs, Windhoek
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1991 Report2.79 mb pdf
RAISON. South West Angola schools, health facilities and water points data
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 Report1.09 mb zip
Remmert, D. 2016. Water governance in Namibia: A tale of delayed implementation, policy shortfalls, and miscommunication. Democracy Reporting - Special Briefing Report No.13
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2016 Report731 kb pdf

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