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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
Epupa Prefeasibility Study
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1993 Report
International Rivers
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2019 Website
Kuiseb river - catchment
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2002Atlas of NamibiaShapefile20 kb zip
Marx, V.L. 2009. Impacts of upstream uses on the alluvial aquifer of the Swakop River, Namibia. Diplomarbeit, Albert-Ludwigs Universit├Ąt Freiburg
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2009 Thesis3.63 mb pdf
Simmons, R.E., Braby, R. and Braby, S.J. 1993. Ecological studies of the Cunene River mouth: avifauna, herpetofauna, water quality, flow rates geomorphology and implications of the Epupa Dam. Madoqua, 18(2): 163-180
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1993Bibliography compiled by Bird Database ProjectJournal Article4.41 mb pdf
Simmons, R.E., Muntifering, J., Ogada, D., Hruska, T., Tupper, B., Childers, E., Thompsen, J., Hyman, J., Lickel, L. and Jeong, V. 2005. Avian diversity on the Cunene River: Perspectives and potential implications of proposed dam sites. In Prep
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2005 Report309 kb doc

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