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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
Bailey, G.W., Beyers, C.J. de B. and Lipschitz, S.R. 1985. Seasonal variation of oxygen deficiency in waters off southern South West Africa in 1975 and 1976 and its relation to the catchability and distribution of the Cape rock lobster Jasus lalandii. South African Journal of Marine Science, 3(1): 197-214
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1985 Journal Article
Bartholomae, C.H. and van der Plas, A.K. 2007. Towards the development of environmental indices for the Namibian shelf, with particular reference to fisheries management. African Journal of Marine Science, 29(1): 25-35
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2007National Marine Information and Research CentreJournal Article1.18 mb pdf
Brain, C.K. and Koste, W. 1993. Rotifers of the genus Proales from saline springs in the Namib desert, with the description of a new species. Hydrobiologia, 255-256(1): 449-454
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1993 Journal Article
Buzer, J.S. and Sym, S.D. 1983. Diatoms and pollen in a trial core from Sandwich Harbour, South West Africa (Namibia). British Phycological Journal, 18(2): 121-129
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1983 Journal Article
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development. 1996. Water supply to the central Namib area of namibia: Feasibility study. Interim Project Report - Environmental Studies , Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, Department of Water Affairs, Windhoek, 1-16 pp
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1996DRFN DLIBReport8.23 mb pdf
Rouault, M. 2003. PIRATA South East Extension Feasibility Study. RAF/00/G32 – Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem - December 2003
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2003 Report1.58 mb pdf
Sea temperatures at Swakopmund
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2002Atlas of NamibiaExcel4 kb zip
Seabed contours
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2002Atlas of NamibiaShapefile162 kb zip

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