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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
Brown, C.E., Veldkornet, D.A., Boatwright, J.S., Engelbrecht, A. and Rajkaran, A. 2019. The phylogeography and genetic diversity of the salt marsh species Salicornia tegetaria (S.Steffen, L.Mucina and G.Kadereit) Piirainen and G.Kadereit, endemic to South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. South African Journal of Botany, 123: 270-277
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2019 Journal Article
Compton, J.S. 2006. The mid-Holocene sea-level highstand at Bogenfels Pan on the southwest coast of Namibia. Quaternary Research, 66(2): 303–310
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2006 Journal Article
Hughes, P., Brundrit, G.B. and Searson, S. 1992. The vulnerability of Walvis Bay to rising sea levels. Journal of coastal research, 8(4): 868-881
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1992 Journal Article
Mendelsohn, J.M., Jarvis, A.M., Roberts, C.S. and Robertson, T. 2002. Atlas of Namibia. Atlas of Namibia, David Philip, Cape Town
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2002Bibliography compiled for Okavango River: The flow of a lifeline.Book, Book Section, Booklet123.7 mb zip
Rouault, M. 2003. PIRATA South East Extension Feasibility Study. RAF/00/G32 – Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem - December 2003
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2003 Report1.58 mb pdf
Stollhofen, H., Stanistreeet, I.G., Bangert, B. and Grill, H. 2000. Tuffs, tectonism and glacially related sea-level changes, Carboniferous-Permian, southern Namibia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 161(1-2): 127–150
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2000 Journal Article
Stollhofen, H., Stanistreet, I.G., von Hagke, C. and Nguno, A. 2014. Pliocene-Pleistocene climate change, sea level and uplift history recorded by the Horingbaai fan-delta, NW Namibia. Sedimentary Geology, 309: 15–32
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2014 Journal Article9.33 mb pdf
Theron, A.K. and Rossouw, M. 2008. Analysis of potential coastal zone climate change impacts and possible response options in the southern African region. Science real and relevant: 2nd CSIR Biennial Conference, CSIR International Convention Centre Pretoria, 17-18 November 2008, pp 10
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2008CSIRReport543 kb pdf

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