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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
Bartholomae, C.H. and van der Plas, A.K. 2007. Towards the development of environmental indices for the Namibian shelf, with particular reference to fisheries management. African Journal of Marine Science, 29(1): 25-35
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2007National Marine Information and Research CentreJournal Article1.18 mb pdf
Cunningham, P.L. and Jankowitz, W. 2010. A Review of Fauna and Flora Associated with Coastal and Inland Saline Flats from Namibia with Special Reference to the Etosha Pan. Sabkha Ecosystems. Tasks for Vegetation Science, 46: 9-17
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2010 Journal Article1.63 mb pdf
Seaman, M.T., Ashton, P.J. and Williams, W.D. 1991. Inland salt waters of southern Africa. Hydrobiologia, 210(1-2):75-91
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1991Bibliography compiled by Bird Database ProjectJournal Article

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