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Jacobson, P.J. and Jacobson, K.M. 2013. Hydrologic controls of physical and ecological processes in Namib Desert ephemeral rivers: Implications for conservation and Management. Journal of Arid Environments, 93: 80–93
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2013 Journal Article
Lyon, J. and Gross, N.M. 2005. Patterns of plant diversity and plant–environmental relationships across three riparian corridors. Forest Ecology and Management, 204(2-3): 267-278
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2005DRFN DLIBJournal Article
Mbaiwa, J.E. 2004. Causes and possible solutions to water resource conflicts in the Okavango River Basin: The case of Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, 29(15-18): 1319-1326
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2004 Journal Article
Seymoura, C.L. and Simmons, R.E. 2008. Can severely fragmented patches of riparian vegetation still be important for arid-land bird diversity? Journal of Arid Environments, 72(12): 2275–2281
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2008 Journal Article436 kb pdf
Turpie, J.K. 2003. The Valuation of riparian fisheries in southern and eastern Africa. FitzPatrick Institute, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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2003 Report254 kb pdf

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