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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
DWA. 1991. Perspective on Water Affairs. Department of Water Affairs, Windhoek
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1991 Report2.79 mb pdf
External evaluation of the project: Interactive Learning and Action in the Kuiseb (ELAK), Final report
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2004DRFN DLIBReport14.11 mb pdf
LCE and SCE. 2016. Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. EoI 1/18/2 – 02/2011. A pre-feasibility study into: The Augmentation of Water Supply to the Central Area of Namibia and the Cuvelai. The Interim Report No. 3 for Part I: The Central Area of Namibia, 21 June 2016
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2016 Report40.97 mb pdf
Woltersdorf, L., Scheidegger, R., Liehr, S. and Döll, P. 2016. Municipal water reuse for urban agriculture in Namibia: Modeling nutrient and salt flows as impacted by sanitation user behavior. Journal of Environmental Management, 169: 272-284
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2016 Journal Article

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