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Bustamante, R.H., et al. 1995. Gradients of intertidal primary productivity around the coast of South Africa and their relationships with consumer biomass. Oecologia, vol. 102(12), pp 189-201
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1995CSIRJournal Article
Hammond, W. and Griffiths, C. 2005. Biogeographical patterns in the fauna associated with southern African mussel beds. African Zoology, 41(1): 123-130
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2005 Journal Article
Kirk-Spriggs, A.H. 2007. Description of the biology and immature stages of Eutropha lindneri Sabrosky (Diptera: Chloropidae: Chloropinae), based on survey material from the Namibian coast. African Entomology, 15(2): 319-327
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2007 Journal Article
Kohler, S., Mablouké, C., Hill, J.M., Le Corre, , M., Connan, M., Ludynia, K., Kemper, J., Huisanem, J., Underhill, L.G., Cherel, Y., Mcquaid, C.D. and Jaquemet, S. 2010. Are African Black Oystercatchers good indicators of large-scale trends in intertidal community? A stable isotope study. Oral presentation
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2010 Presentation
McGwynne, L., Van der Merwe, D. and Mclachlan, A. 1989. Interstitial meiofauna of Namib sandy beaches. African Zoology, 24(1): 18-26
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1989 Journal Article567 kb pdf
Proches, S. and Marshall, D.J. 2002. Diversity and biogeography of southern African intertidal Acari. Journal of Biogeography, 29(9): 1201-1215
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2002DRFN DLIBJournal Article
Pulfrich, A., Parkins, C.A. and Branch, G.M. 2016. The effects of shore-based diamond-diving on intertidal and subtidal biological communities and rock lobsters in southern Namibia. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 13(3): 233-255
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2016 Journal Article
Theodore, E.D. and Cockcroft, A.C. 1989. Macrofaunal community structure and zonation of two sandy beaches on the central Namib coast, South West Africa/ Namibia. Madoqua, 16(2): 129-135
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1989 Journal Article505 kb pdf

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