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Data titleYearOriginFile typeDownloadkml/kmz
COFAD Consultants - Technical Co-operation with Namibia in the Field of Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Research
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2019 Website
Lange, G-M. 2003. The value of Namibia's commercial fisheries. Research Discussion Paper No 55, Directorate of Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia
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2003Ministry of Environment and TourismResearch Discussion Paper168 kb pdf
Moorsom, R. 1984. Exploiting the sea. A future for Namibia. Catholic Institute for International Relations, London, pp 123
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1984 Book, Book Section, Booklet
Shepstone and Wylie. 1996. Marine Pollution Control Legislation in Namibia
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1996 Report6.51 mb pdf
van der Westhuizen, A. 2001. A decade of exploitation and management of the Namibian hake stocks. South African Journal of Marine Science, 23: 307-315
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2001 Journal Article299 kb pdf

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