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Amoomo, H., Elago, P., Gaseb, N., Hoveka, V., Khairabes, M., Mbangula, E., Muharukua, V., Mukuya, S., Ndjeula, H., Shinedima, R. and Zaaruka, B. 2000. SDP 8 - Determining a water reserve for the Kuiseb River
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2000DRFN DLIBReport5.96 mb pdf
Jurya, M. 2010. Climate and weather factors modulating river flows in southern Angola. International Journal of Climatology, 30: 901–908
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2010 Journal Article962 kb pdf
Metago Environmental Engineers. 2009. Environmental Impact Assessment report for the proposed expansion project at Langer Heinrich Mine. Prepared for: Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Limited. Metago Project Number: L016-01, Report No. 2, August 2009 - Appendix F: Surface waterstudy: Flood assessments for the Gawib River at Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine
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2008 Report3.04 mb pdf

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