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Dupont, L. and Behling, H. 2006. Land–sea linkages during deglaciation: High-resolution records from the eastern Atlantic off the coast of Namibia and Angola (ODP site 1078). Quaternary International, 148(1): 19–28


Land–sea linkages during deglaciation: High-resolution records from the eastern Atlantic off the coast of Namibia and Angola (ODP site 1078).

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The distribution of pollen in marine sediments is used to record vegetation change on the continent. Generally, a good latitudinal correspondence exists between the distribution patterns of pollen in the marine surface sediments and the occurrence of the source plants on the adjacent continent. To investigate land–sea interactions during deglaciation, we compare proxies for continental (pollen assemblages) and marine conditions (alkenone-derived sea surface temperatures) of two high-resolution, radiocarbon-dated sedimentary records from the tropical southeast Atlantic. The southern site is located West of the Cunene River mouth; the northern site is located West of the Angolan Huambe Mountains. It is inferred that the vegetation in Angola developed from Afroalpine and open savannah during the last Glacial maximum (LGM) via Afromontane Podocarpus forest during Heinrich Event 1 (H1), to an early increase of lowland forest after 14.5 ka. The vegetation record indicates dry and cold conditions during the LGM, cool and wet conditions during H1 and a gradual rise in temperature starting well before the Younger Dryas (YD) period. Terrestrial and oceanic climate developments seem largely running parallel, in contrast to the situation ca. 5° further South, where marine and terrestrial developments diverge during the YD. The cool and wet conditions in tropical West Africa, South of the equator, during H1 suggest that low-latitude insolation variation is more important than the slowdown of the thermohaline circulation for the climate in tropical Africa.

Year: 2006

Type: Journal Article


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Eick, B. 2002. A macro- and micro-evolutionary investigation of African Camponotus ants. PhD thesis, University of Cape Town
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van der Walt, A.J., Johnson, R.M., Cowan, D.A., Seely, M. and Ramond, J.B. 2016. Unique microbial phylotypes in Namib Desert dune and gravel plain fairy circle soils. Applied and Environmental Microbiol, 82(15): 4592-4601
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Gombeer, S., Ramond, J.B., Eckardt, F.D., Seely, M. and Cowan, D.A. 2015. The influence of surface soil physicochemistry on the edaphic bacterial communities in contrasting terrain types of the Central Namib Desert. Geobiology, 13(5): 494-505
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2015 Journal Article
Cowan, D.A., Hopkins, D.W., Jones, B.E., Maggs-Kölling, G., Majewska, R. and Ramond, J.B. 2019. Microbiomics of Namib Desert habitats. Extremophiles, doi: 10.1007/s00792-019-01122-7
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2019 Journal Article
Johnson, R.M., Ramond, J.B., Gunnigle, E., Seely, M. qand Cowan, D.A. 2017. Namib Desert edaphic bacterial, fungal and archaeal communities assemble through deterministic processes but are influenced by different abiotic parameters. Extremophiles, 21(2): 381–392
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2017 Journal Article
Bennett, N.C. 1994. Reproductive suppression in social Cryptomys damarensis colonies - a lifetime of socially‐induced sterility in males and females (Rodentia: Bathyergidae). Journal of Zoology, 234(1): 25-39
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Maletzky, E. 2007. The effects of oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulphide and turbidity on the rock lobster, Jasus lalandii: implications for diamond dredge-mining in Namibia. MSc Thesis, University of Cape Town
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Bradshaw, P. 2009. Endemism and richness in the Cape floristic region: phytogeographic patterns and environmental correlates in a global biodiversity hotspot. PhD Thesis, University of Cape Town
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Lotz, C. 1999. Energy and water balance in the lesser double-collared sunbird, Nectarinia chalybea. PhD Thesis, University of Cape Town
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