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Elements for Coastal Zone Definition


Elements for Coastal Zone Definition.

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One of the initial planned outcomes of the NACOMA White Paper (WP) development process is to define "coastal zone"in the context of developing a Namibian coastal policy. Why is this important? Although there is no single definition of the coastal zone, it is important for the relevant parties to agree on the geographic are that the policy will address. Of course, influences on the coast can originate way beyond the coastal zone, and therefore the policy may not be restricted to the costal zone itself. However, it is nonetheless a good idea to agree on what is meant by "the coastal zone".

Year: 2007

Type: Report

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Vogt, R., Maggs-Kölling, G. and Seely, M.K. Lifting the fog in the central Namib – where did it come from?.
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 Presentation1.26 mb pdf
Spirig, R., Vogt, R., Larsen, J.A., Feigenwinter, C., Wicki, A., Franceschi, J., Parlow, E., Adler, B., Kalthoff, N., Cermak, J., Andersen, H., Fuchs, J., Bott, A., Hacker, M., Wagner, N., Maggs-Kölling, G., Wassenaar, T. and Seely, M.K. 2019. Probing the fog life-cycles in the Namib desert. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, in revision
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2019 Journal Article
Marais, E., Maggs-Kölling, G., Sherman, C., Doniger, T., Liu, R., Tripathi, B.M. and Steinberge, Y. 2019. Profiling soil free-living nematodes in the Namib Desert, Namibia. Journal of Arid Land, 1–14
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2019 Journal Article184 kb pdf
Unc, A., Maggs-Kölling, G., Marais, E., Sherman, C., Doniger, T. and Steinberger, Y. 2019. Soil bacterial community associated with the dioecious Acanthosicyos horridus in the Namib Desert.
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2019 Journal Article

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