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Goudie, A. and Viles, H.A. 2015. Circular geomorphic features: Roter Kamm and Gross Brukkaros. In: Landscapes and Landforms of Namibia, pp. 151-153


Circular geomorphic features: Roter Kamm and Gross Brukkaros.

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Roter Kamm and Gross Brukkaros are two circular structures which at first sight might appear to have a similar origin. This is not the case. Roter Kamm, which lies in the Sperrgebiet, developed in 1,200 million year old Precambrian granitic rocks as a result of meteorite impact in the Pliocene c 3.7–5 million years ago. Gross Brukkaros is an impressive and isolated hill near Berseba, whose formation began towards the end of the Cretaceous c 75 million years ago. It started with the intrusion of carbonatite-rich magma into the Nama sediments that then covered this part of Namibia. The Brukkaros inselberg has since been brought into landscape prominence by downwearing of the surrounding surface.

Year: 2015

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