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Unlocking the Economic Potential of South Africa's Oceans: Marine Protection Services and Governance, Executive Summary, 15 August, 2014


Unlocking the Economic Potential of South Africa's Oceans.

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South Africa has jurisdiction over a very large Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.5 mn km2. Extended continental shelf claims will double the size of its ocean geography if successful. With such a large jurisdiction, effective governance is critical but will be challenging given the size and complexity of our oceans. Currently, the sectoral approach only gives a partial picture and it difficult to achieve balance. Effective ocean governance will need to identify and manage interdependencies across socio-economic aspirations and environmental integrity.

Year: 2014

Type: Report

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National overview for Marine Spatial Planning and Knowledge Baseline for Namibia's 1st Marine Spatial Plan. Current Status Report
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 Report5.59 mb pdf
Mendelsohn, J. and Haraes, L. 2018. Aerial census of Cape Cormorants and Cape Fur Seals at Baía dos Tigres, Angola. Namibian Journal Of Environment, 2(Section A): 1-6
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2018 Journal Article3.71 mb pdf
Orani, A.M., Vassileva, E., Wysocka, I., Angelidis, M., Rozmaric, M. and Louw, D. 2018. Baseline study on trace and rare earth elements in marine sediments collected along the Namibian coast. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 131(Part A): 386-395
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2018 Journal Article
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. 2009. Policy Statement (guidelines) for the granting of rights to harvest marine resources and the allocation of fishing quotas, July 2009
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2009 Legal (Act, Gazette, Policy)139 kb pdf
Horaeb, R.R. 2011. Zooplankton Distribution in the Namibian Upwelling Region: A comparison of net catches with ADCP measurements. MSc Thesis, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Universität Bremen
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2011 Thesis1.46 mb pdf
Marine Spatial Planning - MARISMA
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 Report2.7 mb pdf
Orani, A.M., Vassileva, E., Renac, C., Schmidt, S., Angelidis, M.O., Rozmaric, M. and Louw, D. 2019. First assessment on trace elements in sediment cores from Namibian coast and pollution sources evaluation. Science of The Total Environment, 669: 668-682
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2019 Journal Article
Fernández, O., Olaiz, A., Cascone, L., Tritlla, J. and Sanders, C. 2019. Gabon-Angola vs Namibia Atlantic margins: Are they that different?. Geophysical Research Abstracts
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2019 Report96 kb pdf

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