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Use the Search by keyword(s) option if you know the keyword(s) which you want to search on.

Use theSearch by theme(s) then keyword(s) option to narrow down keywords based on top-level themes.

Use the Free text search option to type in any text and search for a specific word or phrase, such as a species name or author.

You can also search directly from the listing of keywords under each theme.

Or, you can use the view all database records option to browse through all the records of the database.

Free text search help  Free text search help

Search tips:

To run a free text search on the titles and keywords of all information in the EIS, enter the search string below and then click on Search.

  • The search is not case-sensitive
  • If you choose 'all these words', multiple words will be combined with AND to find results containing both terms e.g. cattle goat will return results which have both words in the title, keywords or description. The order of the words is not important.
  • If you choose 'this exact wording', only results which have the exact phrase/term in the title, keywords or description will be returned. The order of the words is important e.g. 'climate change' will return different results from 'change climate'.
  • Combine multiple words with OR to find results containing either term e.g. cattle or goat will return results which have either of the words in the title, keywords or description. You can use or multiple times e.g. cetacean or dophin or whale. The order is not important.
  • Don't use quotations, apostrophes or any non-standard characters
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