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The keyword system used is based on GEMET (GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) - a thesaurus system developed for the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources and the European Environment Agency. It contains over 5,000 keywords, organised in a hierarchical structure under 40 themes.

For this EIS, some additional keywords have been added to the GEMET to cater for some Namibian and southern African concepts that were not adequately covered.

For more information on GEMET go to the EIONET website.

Keyword system used in the EIS

Keywords within theme: Resources

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Keywords which are highlighted have been used to categorise data sets in the EIS.

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animal resource

biological resource


climate resource

coal mining


conservation of genetic resources

conservation of petroleum resources

deep sea mining

degradation of natural resources


drilling for oil

energy conservation

energy resource

energy source

energy source material

excavation (process)

exploitation of underground water



fishery resource

fluvial resource

forest resource

fossil fuel

freshwater resource

genetic resource

gravel extraction

gravel pit

groundwater extraction

land use

landscape after mining

landscape consumption

landscape utilisation


lignite mining

living marine resource

local resource utilisation

management of natural resources

marine resources conservation

metallic mineral

microbial resource



mineral deposit

mineral extraction

mineral oil

mineral resource


mining district

mining industry

mining law

mining product

mining regulation

natural gas

natural gas exploration

natural gas extraction

natural resource

natural resource conservation

net resource depletion

non-metallic mineral

non-renewable energy resource

non-renewable resource

ocean exploitation

offshore mining

offshore oil drilling

oil exploration

oil extraction

opencast mining





peat extraction


plant resource

pricing policy of resources

public maritime domain



raw material

raw material consumption

raw material securing

reclamation industry


recyclable plastic

recycled material

recycled paper


recycling ratio

renewable energy source

renewable raw material

renewable resource


resource appraisal

resource conservation

resource exploitation

resource reserve

resource utilisation

resources management

reuse of materials

rock salt mining


salt plug

sand extraction

sand pit

scrap material

scrap metal

sea bed exploitation

sea bed mining

sea resource

soil resource

soil use

solvent recovery

strip mining

substitutability (chemistry)

sustainable use

terrestrial biological resource

thermoselect process

underground quarry

urban flows (resources)

use of waste as material

waste reclamation

waste recovery

waste recycling

waste use

water consumption

water demand

water extraction

water resource

water resources conservation

water resources development

water resources legislation

water resources management

water reuse

water saving

water utilisation