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The keyword system used is based on GEMET (GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) - a thesaurus system developed for the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources and the European Environment Agency. It contains over 5,000 keywords, organised in a hierarchical structure under 40 themes.

For this EIS, some additional keywords have been added to the GEMET to cater for some Namibian and southern African concepts that were not adequately covered.

For more information on GEMET go to the EIONET website.

Keyword system used in the EIS

Keywords within theme: Military aspects

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Keywords which are highlighted have been used to categorise data sets in the EIS.

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armament conversion

armed forces

biological weapon

chemical weapon


damage from military manoeuvres

disposal of warfare materials

disused military site

environmental warfare

military activities

military air traffic

military aspects

military equipment

military zone

nuclear test

nuclear weapon

shooting range


war victim