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The keyword system used is based on GEMET (GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) - a thesaurus system developed for the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources and the European Environment Agency. It contains over 5,000 keywords, organised in a hierarchical structure under 40 themes.

For this EIS, some additional keywords have been added to the GEMET to cater for some Namibian and southern African concepts that were not adequately covered.

For more information on GEMET go to the EIONET website.

Keyword system used in the EIS

Keywords within theme: Environmental policy

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Keywords which are highlighted have been used to categorise data sets in the EIS.

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administrative boundary

agricultural policy

agriculture framework plan

air quality

air quality control

air quality management

air quality monitoring

airspace planning

allocation plan

alternative technology

animal corridor

animal displacement

animal species reintroduction

appropriate technology

atmospheric monitoring


balancing of interests

bank protection

bee conservation

biological monitoring

biological reserve

biosphere reserve

biotope network

biotope order

biotope protection

bird sanctuary

bubble policy (emissions trading)

building area

building land

building planning

building restoration

building site

category of endangered species



chemical decontamination

chemical policy

chimney height

cleaning up

climate protection

coast protection

coastal development

coastal management

coastal zone planning

common agricultural policy

communal land

concept of environment


conservation of genetic resources

conservation of monuments

conservation of petroleum resources

conservation of species

conservation policy

control measure

credit policy

critically endangered (IUCN)

crossing place for animals

dam draining

data deficient (IUCN)

data on the state of the environment

desertification control

development area

development plan

development planning

discharge legislation

drinking water protection area

dual waste management

EC ecolabel



ecological assessment

economic instrument

economic management instrument

economic policy

economic zoning

ecotoxicological evaluation

EIA (local)

emission control

emission data

emission standard

end-of-pipe technology

endangered animal species

endangered plant species

endangered species (IUCN)

energy efficiency

energy policy

enlargement programme

environment friendly

environmental accounting

environmental aspect of human settlements

environmental assessment

environmental assessment criterion

environmental auditing

environmental awareness

environmental balance

environmental compatibility

environmental conservation

environmental contingency planning

environmental control

environmental criterion

environmental culture

environmental data

environmental development

environmental education

environmental ethics

environmental friendly procurement

environmental health impact assessment

environmental history

environmental impact assessment

environmental impact statement

environmental impact study

environmental index

environmental indicator

environmental information

environmental information network

environmental information system

environmental licence

environmental management

environmental monitoring

environmental perception

environmental performance

environmental plan

environmental planning

environmental policy

environmental policy instrument

environmental priority

environmental problem solving

environmental programme

environmental protection

environmental protection advice

environmental protection association

environmental protection in the enterprise

environmental protection technology

environmental psychology

environmental quality

environmental quality criterion

environmental quality objective

environmental quality standard

environmental report

environmental risk assessment

environmental sanitation

environmental specimen bank

environmental statement (eco-audit)

environmental statistics

environmental subsidy

environmental target

environmental tax

environmental teaching

environmental technology

environmental training

environmentally friendly management

environmentally friendly product

environmentally unfriendly firm

equipment plan

erosion control

European nature reserve

evaluation of technology

exceptional tax

excessive height of chimney stacks

extinct in the wild (IUCN)

extinct species (IUCN)

fauna restoration

feeling for nature

fishery policy

fishing preserve

flexible approach to environmental protection

flood protection

flora restoration

forest biological reserve

forest conservation

forest management

forest policy

forest protection

forest reserve

forest resource assessment

freshwater conservation

global aspect

green corridor

green space

groundwater protection

groundwater quality

housing programme

IMCO code

immission control

immission limit

impact assessment

impact minimisation

impact prevention

impact reversal

incentive fund

incentive tax

indicator of environmental management

indicator of environmental quality

industrial environment (in general)

industrial environmental policy

industrial legislation

industrial planning

industrial safety

industrial zoning

installation optimisation

installation restoration

integral natural reserve

integrated environmental protection technology

integrated management

integrated pollution control

international river basin

international safety

internationally important ecosystem

intervention in nature and landscape

intervention on land

joint implementation (Rio Conference)

land allotment

land conservation

land consolidation

land cover

land development

land management and planning

land occupation

land planning

land restoration

land restoration in mountain areas

land setup

land use

land use classification

land use plan

land use planning

land use regime

land-management intervention area

landscape conservation

landscape conservation policy

landscape management

landscape planning

landscape protection

landscape protection area

lead-in-petrol law

least concern (IUCN)

life-cycle management

limit value

location of industries

lower risk species (IUCN)

maintenance of environment

management plan

mapping of lichens

marine monitoring

marine reserve

marine resources conservation

maximum admissible concentration

maximum immission concentration

mine filling

minimisation of damage

mining site restoration

mixed use area


monitoring criterion

monitoring data

monitoring equipment

monitoring station

mountain management

mountain protection

municipal environment plan

municipal environmental policy

municipal water management

national boundary

national conservation programme

national fishing reserve

national park

natural areas protection

natural heritage assessment

natural park

natural resource conservation

natural value

nature conservation

nature conservation policy

nature conservation programme

nature protection

nature reserve

negotiable charge

neighbourhood improvement scheme

netting policy (emissions trading)

new technology

noise abatement

noise control

noise exposure plan

non-built-up area

nuclear debate

nuclear risk

nuclear safety

offset policy (emissions trading)

oil pollution abatement

oil residue recuperation

parking provision

pattern of urban growth

physical measurement of pollution

physical planning

pilot project


planned urban development

planning measure

Planning-Programming-Budgeting System

plant protection

plant species reintroduction

political ecology

pollutant monitoring

pollution abatement

pollution abatement equipment

pollution control

pollution control measure

pollution monitoring

pollution norm

pollution prevention

pollution sink

power station derating

pre-emption zone

precautionary principle

principle of sustainability

protected area

protected landscape

protected marine zone

protected species

protection of animals

protection of birds

protection of species

quality certification

radioactive decontamination

radioactive waste management

rare species

recovery of landscape

recovery plan

recycling potential


regional natural park

regional plan

regional statistics



remote sensing


report on the state of the environment


resource appraisal

resource conservation

resource reserve

resource utilisation

resources management

restoration measure


risk perception

risk reduction

river basin development

river management

road setting

route planning

sand dune fixation

sanitation plan

scoping procedure

sea water protection

sectoral assessment

seismic monitoring

self-help programme


sensitive area

sensitive natural area

site protection

site rehabilitation

site selection

smog warning

soil conservation

soil conservation legislation

soil decontamination

soil quality

soil use regime

species conservation programme

species reintroduction

state biological reserve

state of the art

status of development

structural adjustment program

structure plan

sub-national boundary

surface water management

sustainable development

sustainable development indicator

sustainable use

target setting

technological change

technological development

technology assessment

technology transfer


threshold value

toxicological assessment

tracking plan

tradeable permit

traffic control

traffic noise control

traffic route construction

transport planning

transportation policy

trinity of principles

urban action program

urban design

urban development

urban flows (resources)

urban planning

urban policy

urban renewal

urban structure

vanished species

voluntary natural reserve

vulnerable species (IUCN)

waste avoidance

waste classification

waste exchange

waste gas reduction

waste importation permit

waste income

waste management

waste minimisation

waste minimisation potential

waste reduction

waste removal industry

waste statistics

waste water quality

waste water statistics

water catchment protection

water conservation

water management

water monitoring

water pollution prevention

water protection

water protection area

water quality

water quality improvement

water quality management

water quantity management

water resources conservation

water resources development

water resources management

water saving

water statistics

water table protection

watershed management

weather monitoring

wildlife conservation

wildlife protection

wildlife sanctuary