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The keyword system used is based on GEMET (GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) - a thesaurus system developed for the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources and the European Environment Agency. It contains over 5,000 keywords, organised in a hierarchical structure under 40 themes.

For this EIS, some additional keywords have been added to the GEMET to cater for some Namibian and southern African concepts that were not adequately covered.

For more information on GEMET go to the EIONET website.

Keyword system used in the EIS

Keywords within theme: Disasters, accidents, risk

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Keywords which are highlighted have been used to categorise data sets in the EIS.

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accident source

agricultural disaster

air safety


anticipation of danger

armament conversion

avalanche protection


biotechnological hazard

cancer risk


chemical risk

civil safety

civilian protection

compensation for damage

containment (nuclear industry)

core meltdown

crisis management


damage assessment

damage from military manoeuvres

damage insurance

damage prevention

danger analysis

dangerous goods

dangerous installation

dangerous materials transport


disaster cleanup operation

disaster contingency plan

disaster control service

disaster preparedness

disaster prevention

disaster relief

disaster zone

drought control

early warning system


emergency lodging

emergency plan

emergency relief

emergency relief measure

environmental accident

environmental contingency planning

environmental hazard

environmental risk

environmental risk assessment

environmental security

environmental warfare

environmentally dangerous substance

erosion control


export of hazardous wastes


fire precaution

fire protection

fire safety requirement

fire service

flood control

flood forecast

flood protection

forest fire

geological disaster

grass fire


hazard area

hazard of pollutants

hazardous chemical export

hazardous substance

hazardous waste

hazardous working material

hearing protection

human-made disaster

hydrologic disaster

industrial safety

inflammable substance



insurance business

insurance coverage

international safety


legislative process

liability for marine accidents

liability for nuclear damages

major accident

major risk

major risk installation

meteorological disaster

military activities

mitigation measure

natural disaster

natural hazard

natural risk

natural risk analysis

natural risks prevention

navigational hazard

noise protection

nuclear accident

nuclear explosion (accident)

nuclear hazard

nuclear risk

nuclear safety

nuclear test

occupational safety

oil boom

oil disaster

oil recovery vessel

oil slick

oil spill

pest infestation


pollution insurance

pollution risk

prevention measure

prevention of forest fires

preventive information

prior notification for hazardous waste transport

protection system

protective measure

radiation protection

reactor safety

rescue service

rescue system

residual risk


risk analysis

risk assessment

risk communication

risk exposure

risk exposure plan

risk management

risk perception

risk reduction

road safety


safety analysis

safety measure

safety rule

safety standard

safety study

safety system


security of installations

seismic monitoring

shipping accident

smog warning

soil subsidence

storm water basin

supervision of installation

technological accident

technological hazard

toxic metal

toxic product

toxic substance

toxic waste

traffic accident

traffic control

twin-hull craft


warning plan

warning system

water damage

work accident