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Data sets

Content breakdown by data type

Journal Article Journal Article7617
Report Report3342
Shapefile Shapefile1672
Book, Book Section, Booklet Book, Book Section, Booklet1389
Website Website409
Legal (Act, Gazette, Policy) Legal (Act, Gazette, Policy)243
Presentation Presentation218
Thesis Thesis192
Poster Poster175
Excel Excel110
Research Discussion Paper Research Discussion Paper76
Grid (ArcView) Grid (ArcView)22
Appendix Appendix13
Manual Manual11
Database Database10
Photos Photos3
Image Image2

Types of information available through the EIS

The EIS incorporates a wide range of data types including:

  • Sensitivity data: Endemics, diversity, archaeological sites, protected areas, national monuments, vegetation types, vegetation cover, woody biomass, soils, rivers etc

  • Contextual data: Infrastructure (electricity, water, mines, roads and railways, schools, health services, etc), land use and ownership, farming systems, towns and settlements, population density, climate, topography etc

  • Other resources:
    • Links to other useful websites and data
    • Environmental impact and assessment materials
    • Environmental legislation
    • Environmental organisations
    • Literature

Major sets of information already available through the EIS

Data sets already available include:

  • Atlas of Namibia data
  • Bibliography of bird and biodiversity literature relevant to Namibia (mostly pre-2000)
  • Maps from Namibia's Red Data Book of Birds
  • Maps of all species from the Southern African Bird Atlas Project
  • Maps of all species from the Namibian Tree Atlas Project
  • The literature database and data sets assembled for the publication Okavango River: the flow of a lifeline. (2004). Mendelsohn, J.M. & El Obeid, S.
  • Various reports and documents including Community Forest gazettes and management plans; Research Discussion Papers; journal articles etc

Downloadable files

A large number of datasets have downloadable files associated with them. File types available for download are as follows.

pdf pdf8534
zip zip1800
doc doc75
pptx pptx70
xls xls63
ppt ppt50
jpg jpg40
docx docx30
xlsx xlsx6

N.B. This excludes kml and kmz files.