How to use the maps

Controls at the top right of the map:

The 4-headed arrow control lets you navigate around the map.

The question mark icon lets you interrogate the data - click on it and then on any data point to select it and see the corresponding record in the table below, or click and drag to select a set of data points:

The blue plus icon allows you to switch base layers on and off, to change between a satellite image and a street map, for example:

You can also use the controls on the left of the map to navigate and zoom.


Controls on the data grid:

Click on any record in the grid to see it highlighted in red on the map:

Filter the grid and the map by typing into the filter row at the top of the grid:

Click on the right-hand icon to view a record's details:

If it is your record, and you are logged in you will also see an icon which allows you to edit the record: